Tuesday, May 5, 2009

List of Idioms

This is an ever-growing idiom list. I keep updating it as and when I find something new.
  1. Estimated to be
  2. require x to do y
  3. used x as y
  4. so x that y
  5. determined by
  6. attribute x (an effect) to y (a cause) - active voice
  7. x (the effect) is attributed to y (the cause) - passive voice
  8. known to orbit or any verb
  9. from x and y
  10. the same to x as to y
  11. not only (x) ... but also (y)
  12. as a means to
  13. order x to be y or order that x be y
  14. just as x, so y (x and y must be gramatically parallel statements)
  15. aid in
  16. both x and y
  17. Consider (when consider means think or believe after careful deliberation, it does not require as or any other expression before the object).
  18. persuade x to do y (incorrect: persuade x in doing y)
  19. x is more than y
  20. in contrast with x, y
  21. in contrast to x, y
  22. unlike x, y
  23. as much as
  24. not so much as (so much as is an incorrect idiom)
  25. as many as
  26. view x as y
  27. are in danger of
  28. depends on whether
  29. seem to (verb)
  30. seem as if
  31. to credit x with
  32. x is expected to y
  33. between x and y
  34. will try to
  35. restrictions on
  36. doubt that (when doubt is used in a negative context such as there is no doubt or he does not doubt, it should be followed by that.)
  37. not x, but rather y
  38. distinguishes between x and y
  39. distinguish X from Y
  40. tell X and Y apart
  41. so much.... as to be - is not a correct idiomatic expression.
  42. the verb claims may be followed by one of two correct constructions: claims that + a subordinate clause, or claims + the infinitive
  43. that x is.. than that y is
  44. crucial in...
  45. to have either x or y
  46. either to have x or to have y
  47. forbid X to Y
  48. access to
  49. to read of x... is to feel y
  50. reluctant to
  51. aim to + verb
  52. problems in the.... problems of is incorrect usage..
  53. no less.... than
  54. to prohibit x from doing y
  55. make do with/without
  56. both as x and as y
  57. contrast x with y or contrast x to y
  58. less likely to be doing A than to be doing B
  59. rates for...
  60. perceive as.
  61. noted that x
  62. x ordered y to do z
  63. worried about x and y
  64. gauging the (X and Y) not the (P and Q)
  65. crucial in
  66. Define x as y
  67. alleged to
  68. as much by x as by y
  69. so x as to y
  70. so x as to be y
  71. combine x with y
  72. possibility of
  73. require + subject + to + verb ex: require hospitals to tell
  74. to have either x or y
  75. either to have x or to have y
  76. x forbids y to do z or x prohibits y from doing z
  77. so + adjective/adverb + that..
  78. force x to do y
  79. intended to
  80. to determine
  81. speculation that
  82. threaten to
  83. to compare x is to compare y

  84. so.. that... --- answers why did you do that
  85. so + adjective/adverb/noun + that + Full Clause - e.g - He worked so hard that he fell sick.
  86. so.. as to...--- answers why did you it that way?
  87. so + adjective/adver/noun + as + Infinitive - e.g - He worked so hard as to be a rich person.
  88. not X ...nor Y
  89. x's potential to y
  90. x is determined by y
  91. There is a subtle distinction between the idiom "so x as to y" and “x is enough to y.” "so x as to y" is used to indicate that characteristic x is so extreme in the particular case that y results. In contrast, the idiom "x is enough to y" is used when x is the criteria by which an ability to achieve y is measured. Thus, if a sentence stated that "a category 5 storm has wind speeds high enough to blow away small buildings," this would convey a different meaning: that wind speeds are the criteria by which one measures the ability to blow away small houses.
  92. correlate with
  93. chance of
  94. substitute x for y
  95. allocate to
  96. likely to


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